10 reasons why FABgetaways Select is perfect for you!

When on vacation, have you ever wanted a little bit more? Maybe a little more discount, just one more inclusion and more privileges that make the entire holiday a VIP experience?

Or imagine telling someone, “All I want is a bottle of wine I can enjoy while I’m here” or “I have an important meeting on the day I was supposed to travel and now I need to push the dates back a bit,” and having it all done without so much as a protest.

Thanks to FABgetaways Select, these are no longer just wishes you utter with a sigh but requests that are met with zero hesitation.

This exclusive 100-member club can be accessed for as little as ₹4,999 for an entire year. And if you are a frequent vacationer who likes a little extra every time you go on another one of your luxurious escapades, there is no question that you should be part of it.

Here are 10 reasons why:


 You don’t have to spend extra just to have a special experience on every getaway. In fact, as a FABgetaways Select member, you’ll be spending less than the rest, thus racking up your savings every single time you travel!

Not only will you enjoy the lowest prices on premier hotels and resorts, but you’ll also get a 5% discount or a ₹4,999 slash, whichever is less, on our already discounted deals. So, the more you travel, the more you’ll have saved enough for one more vacation! Why should you deserve only one vacation a year when you can save up for as many as you can in that time?


 Don’t worry about what unavoidable plans might come up on your date of travel while booking that deal you loved! Bid goodbye to all the future uncertainties by gaining access to unlimited date changes. Whether you have to bring forward or postpone your vacation 9 times or 99 times, you can reschedule it as many times as you need to without having to pay any extra charges!


Cancellations can be a bit heavy on the pocket. Some hotels have inflexible cancellation policies, which means even if you don’t take that vacation you paid for, you probably aren’t getting a complete refund.

With FABgetaways Select, that is one burden you can cross off your list. Only pay for it if you can enjoy it with the free cancellation benefit that lets you cancel any booking you make for absolutely no charges, at all!


Daily breakfast, 3-course dinners, complimentary nightly cocktails, roundtrip transfers, yoga sessions, additional service discounts - you already know we add some pretty sweet perks to our deals to make it extra special for you! With this premium membership, you will get an additional VIP inclusion to enjoy along with the ones that already come with the deal.


You’ll enjoy the benefits of this membership as soon as you join without even having to book a deal! A special and personalised welcome gift hamper, packed especially for you, will be delivered to your doorstep after you join to mark your entry into this elite club! Now, that’s what we call a warm welcome.


Do you have friends and family who love getaways as much as you do? Do them a favour and refer them to FABgetaways Select. Not only would you make vacations beneficial and better for them, but you will also be reaping rewards for yourself!

For every friend you can convince to become a member, 1000 FABcredits worth ₹1,000 will be credited to your FABgetaways account, every single time. And there is no limit on how many friends you can get on board which means the more people you bring into the club, the closer you inch towards securing enough credits for a getaway that will cost you nothing!


Picture this: Knowing what deals are coming this week without them even going live on the website. As an esteemed member of FABgetaways Select, you will be entitled to that information, way before the rest find out with weekly sneak previews. Talk about privileges!


Various in-person events such as member get-togethers will be organized in the future, exclusively for FABgetaways Select members throughout the year.

Rest assured, you’ll be getting a special invite to each of those VIP events.


Planning a vacation isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a great deal of research to be done, a lot of comparisons and a number of calls to be made. But for FABgetaways Select members, it IS as easy as it looks!

A personal travel concierge will be assigned to you and you’ll be assisted throughout the entire process. Anything related to your booking, be it any issues, changes or information, will be handled with discretion by your assigned assistant.


Nobody likes the hassle, the waiting or the confusion while checking into a hotel. Fortunately, FABgetaways Select members won’t have to deal with those issues. You’ll be granted access to the pre-arrival online check-in facility through which you can take care of that process way before you even get to your hotel or resort. That’s what we call the perfect start to your vacation!


At FABgetaways, we believe in going big or going home, especially when it comes to making our members’ getaway experiences a cut above the rest. So, it is no surprise that the value of the benefits offered with this membership far exceeds its fee of ₹4,999 per year. And given the travel perks and privileges that come along with it, If you’re an avid luxury traveller, getting yourself a FABgetaways Select membership is a no-brainer!
Want in on these benefits? Go here to request access now.


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