FABulous Travel Tales from Top 11 Influencers

In order to mark our very 1st anniversary, we—FABgetaways—organised a contest wherein travel influencers were required to post a picture/video on Instagram about their most fabulous getaway till date. We received an overwhelming response. While each response was remarkable in its own special way, here is a list of few of the most appealing posts and profiles that came our way.


Bhoomi Gor (Insta - @bhumygor)—a fashion, travel, food and lifestyle influencer—won the contest with her wonderful Instagram submission. In her post, she has talked about her dream to travel to every city and country of the world; her ardour for this is quite evident from the stunning, sun-kissed picture she has displayed as part of the post. What really stood out about her post was the striking image of her along with her partner sitting right in the lap of nature. It goes a long way to depict how we are nothing but a minuscule component of the colossal Mother Earth.


Shreyanshi Debnath (Insta - @amajesticmind) posted a picture of her fabulous vacay to Kerala. The inviting seashore and the quintessential coconut only make it quite plain for us to guess the exotic location, don’t they? The image, with a sensational backdrop, is quite picturesque. You can almost feel the soothing sea breeze coupled with the playful waves toying right on your skin. Along with that, there’s a different kind of tranquillity that the picture seems to exhibit. Apart from her love for travel, Shreyashi loves to blog and vlog about fashion. 


Chandani (Insta - @globetrotting365days)—a travel blogger and photographer—sent us an awe-striking post of her trip to Iceland when she ventured onto the Diamond Beach black shoreline. The ice crystals glisten like a billion diamonds scattered all across the shoreline; the picture is a spectacle that one cannot possibly miss. Apart from the marvellous imagery, her caption crisply encapsulates the location for her readers.
Chandani’s Instagram profile is a treat for avid consumers of travel blogs. She has travelled to 27 countries and 69 cities and has posted about most of them on her account.


Akriti Kapoor (Insta - @psychedinthecity)—submitted a post about her luxurious getaway to Taxco, Mexico. The open-air Jacuzzi, the glass of Sangria and the stupendous backdrop summarize the opulence of her stay. Apart from the ravishing picture of her watching the majestic view before her, the gratitude that she expressed towards her family, life and God really touched a chord with us. Akriti maintains an engaging Instagram account with a continuous flow of pictures and posts about her luxurious getaways.


Nitish Waila (Insta - @nitishwaila) made a submission that was undoubtedly one of the most intriguing ones. An adventurer, mountaineer and the Best Adventure Photographer Award (NatGeo MII 2018) recipient, Nitish has beautifully described the dramatic picture from his time in Goa. Clearly, the picture is majestic; with a Godlike silhouette that looms against the backdrop of a bright, clear sky and crashing waves, the imagery is nothing short of a spectacle. The flying bird’s accidental appearance gives the image a further dramatic turn. Nitish’s Instagram account is filled with astounding, high-definition pictures of his visits to Bhutan, Hampi, Kargil, Pushkar, Kolkata and many other exciting places.


Nivi Selvaraj (Insta -@postcardchronicles) sent her post about her visit to Coex Mall Starfield Library in Seoul, South Korea. Her submission stood out as she penned down her past and current relationship with books in a beautiful manner. She has written down how books have always been with her in times of change, how they have conjured up characters that have been extremely difficult to part ways with and how they have imparted worldly wisdom to her in the most subtle yet direct manner. In almost all the posts on her Instagram page, she has bared her heart in the captions, which just goes on to show how invested she is in keeping her followers engaged.


Diksha Ranjan (Insta - @solo_escapist) is a fitness enthusiast, content creator and solo traveller. She submitted her post about her visit to Kullu with a spectacular picture and a poetic caption. The picture is a vibrant display of a congregation of women who seem to be performing an elaborate, festive ritual. The picture captures Diksha who is in turn capturing the spiritual experience in its prime. In her poem, Diksha highlights the dichotomous realities of city life and life away from the city hullabaloo. She yearns to live her “dream” by disengaging from the usual monotony and bringing some sort of change in the lives of others.


Subhiksha Venkat (Insta - @subhikshavenkat)—a food and fashion blogger—posted about her fabulous getaway to Times Square, New York City. The picture captures just another night at the exuberantly lit Times Square. With the bustling crowd, the brightly illuminated digital OOH boards and fancy movie billboards, the picture accurately captures what the place is truly about. In her caption, Subhiksha has quoted the lyrics of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ classic “Empire State of Mind,” which perfectly summarizes the true spirit of the City of New York. The entire post seems to inspire awe and mystery; it attempts to capture the untold stories of everyone and everything present in the backdrop.


Ashfina (Insta - @thewickedsoul) is a solo traveller, content creator and a coffee addict. She is on a mission to explore the whole of India, while she has proudly covered 40+ cities already. Her submission really captivated our attention with the imagery of her sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee with the Hawa Mahal regally looming in the backdrop. Order your favourite food, savour a hot beverage with some great company, and throw in a magnificent, scenic background, and your wholesome vacation is happily ready. What more could one ask for?


Nikita Jai (Insta - @themodavoyage) is a travel, lifestyle and fashion blogger. Her post about her vacation to Bali couldn’t have possibly missed our attention. She has posted an eye-catching picture of her on the Aloha Ubud Swing. Apart from being picturesque, the image is symbolic of being swung into a blissful state of released inhibitions and maximised freedom. It is the ideal state that you, I and everyone under the sun would want to be in. While it may seem aspirational, since when has dreaming become such a far-fetched idea? Her post inspires one to aspire.


Arnav Mathur (Insta - @theetlrblog) is an adventure junkie and a travel content writer. His profile is a rich, diverse bouquet of hundreds of images of his escapades to numerous places—Kerala, Bhutan, Romania, Bulgaria, Budapest, etc. He posted a picture from his getaway to Bhutan. If you are having a bad day, a picture of four Bhutanese monks smiling at you might surely cheer you up. While it may seem very plain and simple, the image goes on to display the ethos of the culture of Bhutan and the scenic backdrop holistically adds to the spirit of the place.


Being a luxury travel platform, we project and deal with a lot of spectacular images as well as enticing content on our website, social media handles and other avenues. We were overwhelmed to receive brilliant images and riveting stories from all the influencers who took part in the contest. Having said that, we look forward to seeing and reading more travel stories from all of you. We will keep getting back to you with more such contests, trivia engagements and quizzes that will give you and us a great platform to interact and engage.



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