Fushifaru, The Secret Ingredient to a Perfect Maldivian Getaway

Fushifaru, The Secret Ingredient to a Perfect Maldivian Getaway

If a thrilling yet serene getaway in the Maldives is what you are looking for, Fushifaru is the place for you!

And it begins at the villas, which are sanctuaries in themselves. They all feature private infinity plunge pools, outdoor Jacuzzis and bathrooms, elaborate sit-outs and vanities. Equipped with luxe amenities, the 49 beach and water villas have been designed to reflect their locations on the island. While some villas face the Etherevari (lagoon), some face the Maakandu (open ocean) or the Kandu-Olhi (channel).

pool beach villa at fushifaru maldives facing the ocean

But there’s much more to Fushifaru than its breathtakingly beautiful villas. Everything at this 5-star boutique resort comes together beautifully to give its guests a wholesome and memorable experience. No wonder it was named as the Maldives' leading beach resort in 2019 by the World Travel Awards.


Not a single minute at Fushifaru can be dull with its numerous once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Designed for the discerning traveller, the resort provides a host of experiences that’ll leave you asking for more.

Your trip to the Maldives would be incomplete without some exciting water sports and adventure. Fushifaru is a haven for scuba divers and snorkelling enthusiasts because of its location.  It is situated right beside a national Marine Protected Area - the Fushifaru Kandu, which houses three brilliant diving spots. The Fushifaru Thila, which is famous for its abundant marine life and unique cave formations, is one of them. 

Fushifaru also houses a sandbank where guests can have an exclusive sandbank snorkelling experience. Guests can also enjoy an array of above the waterline activities like parasailing, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, windsurfing and more at the resort.

This Maldives resort also offers experiential excursions apart from these water sports. Guests can indulge in turtle quests, semi-submarine tours, local island visits, sunset cruises, fishing tours, snorkelling excursions and dolphin quests. Furthermore, those looking forward to an ultra-luxurious outing can enjoy private yacht tours and dinners.

Catamaran at maldives water. an experience at getaway at fushifaru maldives


Being a boutique resort with limited, well-spaced-out villas, Fushifaru is a tranquil abode far from all chaos. Whether you wish to enjoy some quiet time swinging on the hammock, take a romantic stroll at the sandbank or take a dip into the infinity pool under the star-laden sky, it gives you the luxury of doing things at your own pace. The unhurried and laid-back charm of Fushifaru is a treat to the tired soul.

Sandbank getaway at fushifaru maldives


With seaplane transfers included, the Fushifaru hospitality begins even before you set foot at the resort. At Fushifaru, everyone receives a warm, traditional welcome with ushers, conch shell blowers and Boduberu players. Guests also enjoy authentic local experiences like Maldivian cooking classes, Boduberu lessons and coconut treats throughout their stay.

BODUBERU WELCOME at Fushifaru maldives


The resort houses two world-class restaurants and a pool-side bar. Their restaurant Korakali serves buffet breakfast spreads and delectable international cuisines for lunch and dinner, while the Raakani Grill serves exotic meat and seafood preparations. In addition to that, guests can also head to the well-stocked Fanihandhi Bar by the infinity pool for some refreshing drinks and snacks. This Maldives resort also offers customised dining experiences with the option to dine at any outdoor location on the island.

Dining Experiences at Fushifaru


Whether your idea of relaxation is lounging in the Jacuzzi with your partner or getting an elaborate spa treatment, Fushifaru has got you covered. Enveloped in lush greenery, the Heylhi Spa at the resort takes inspiration from the cleaner fish scattered throughout the island’s reef and offers an expansive list of healing spa therapies. A relaxing day at this world-class spa is sure to soothe your senses and leave your mind, body and soul feeling rejuvenated.

Heylhi Spa at Fushifaru maldives

Now, you can experience Fushifaru at its best at never-before-seen prices! Starting at just ₹99,999 for 3 nights for 2 adults with seaplane transfers, daily breakfast & dinner and many more, this is the best deal you'll find anywhere. So, book your stay at Fushifaru with FABgetaways and head to the Maldives for the getaway of a lifetime.

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