Stay at Vannraj Ayana and immerse yourself in nature

Immerse Yourself In Nature

What do you associate nature with? 

Vannraj by Ayana combines the natural beauty of the countryside and extravagance, to offer a truly unique living experience. From a memorable, lantern-lit bush dinner under the charm of an old Mahua tree, to a cosy seating arrangement above the lake on the suspended deck, you can take in all of the beauty that is nature.

This popular resort is at a stone’s throw from Pench National Park, Khawasa, Madhya Pradesh. A must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts, the lodge gives you easy accessibility to the magnificent central Indian forest.

Pench National Park takes up about 758 sq. kms. of the lower southern ranges of the Satpura hills. The park takes its name after the River Pench. What was once a sanctuary in 1977, became recognised as a national park in 1983. Pench also received the celebrated title of ‘Best Managed Park’ in 2011, from Madhya Pradesh Tourism.

Many books and documentaries have taken inspiration from Pench, Khawasa, including R. A. Strendale’s ‘Seonee - Camp life in Satpura Hills’, Forsyth’s ‘Highlands of Central India’ and Dunbar Brander’s ‘Wild Animals of Central India’. Not too long ago, David Attenborough filmed his award-winning documentary, ‘Tiger: Spy in the Jungle in Pench’ here. Rudyard Kipling also made this the setting for his immensely popular classic, ‘The Jungle Book’.

The safari is one of the key experiences that Vannraj gives its esteemed guests. Meticulously trained guides, who understand local flora and fauna like no one else, take you through the park. From jungle walks and village visits to night safaris and birding and stargazing, there is something for everyone. You learn everything about beautiful creatures like chital, sambar, wild boar, jackal, Indian leopard, sloth bear, wild dog, jungle cat and Indian bison. With the unmatched enthusiasm of the guides and sights and sounds of the jungle, the safari is a truly immersive experience.

The Jungle Walks take place in the surrounding forest buffer area. Set foot in the sheltered area with a naturalist, who is not just a guide, but will also inform you all about the interesting variety of flora and fauna. Explore the area bird gazing and observing animals close to their natural habitat.

If you simply cannot get enough of safaris during the day, go for a Night Safari. There have been sightings of wolves, spotted deer, jackal and sambar. Another unique experience to soak yourself in is Star Gazing. Since the lodge is in a faraway, secluded area, the sky has an unmatched, clear visibility. Oh, and that’s not it. There will be an expert indicating stars, constellations and planets, whilst delighting you with local folktales and stories.

For wildlife enthusiasts who might want to brush up on their photography skills, the luxury resort offers a Wildlife Photography Workshop. To take impressive photographs on your safari, get some guidance from naturalists who also know a thing or two about wildlife photography.

This Khawasa hotel offers a range of housing options. Stay in a Traditional Cottage which reminds you of local sights. High pitched sloping roofs with Mangalorean tiles and an open-air porch are features found in village homes and give you a sense of being a local. Soft, luxurious beds with a view to immerse you in the woodlands are what ideal countryside escapes are made of.

Alternatively, opt for a 4000 sq. ft. private villa where you live like no less than a king. The Vannraj Villa has two bedrooms, a spacious living area, a bar, lavish baths and open shower areas. Also, you get your own private butler for that personal touch, to give you a wonderfully regal experience! If that is not royalty, we do not know what is.

The Machan rooms are the crème de la crème of accommodation at Vannraj. Huge rooms perfect for families, each room has a courtyard and an exterior seating area, where you can be one with nature. If you have ever wanted to sleep under the open sky with a view of ethereal stars, this is it. You also have a bonfire area all to yourself.

Vannraj isn’t only committed to help you reconnect with nature; it is also environmentally conscious. They believe in tackling damaged ecosystems in whatever small ways they can. From locally sourcing organic food to the materials used to build the property, Vannraj is doing its part in environmental conservation. They have also taken up several conservation programmes like reforestation to expand the forest and greenery bordering national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

So, when you book a stay at the lavish resort, you can take pride in doing your duty towards the environment. Vannraj is the best of both worlds - luxury and nature. Earthy hues, open roofs and local furniture make it a truly unique vacation experience.

Whatever the occasion, you deserve a break. You deserve to be pampered, surrounded by nature. You deserve nothing but the best and Vannraj by Ayana gives you precisely that. Reconnect with yourself, rejuvenate and return with a smile on your face.

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